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Advanced Renewable Energy Technology
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Advanced Renewable Energy Technology

Energy is the driving force behind all economic activities. Consequently the ever increasing population and the associated energy requirements to meet the increasing living standards have become matters of great concern. In particular, the availability of suitable and sufficient energy sources, development of environmental friendly utilization technologies and the cost of energy have become extremely important factors needing immediate attention. In this context, several schemes have been proposed for developing new and renewable energy technologies. With this background, an international workshop on Advances in Renewable Energy Technologies is being organized for middle level practicing engineers, managers from industry, and personnel from teaching and R&D institutions. The main objective of the workshop is disseminating relevant information on various aspects and current trends in renewable energy technologies for power generation. Attending this course will be of great benefit to the teachers by familiarizing themselves with the state of the art in energy technologies and planning long-term research programmes. For working engineers and scientists, the programme will open up new vistas for the application of advanced renewable energy technologies to the problems that they are currently facing and also they can identify topics for future research and development.

Areas of concentration:

  • Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
  • Concentrating PhotoVoltaics (CPV)
  • Solar Thermal Energy for Polygeneration
  • Advanced Biomass Technologies
  • Wind Energy Technologies
  • Smart Grids for Renewable Energy Systems
  • Integration, Control, Communication and Metering of Renewable Energy Systems


All participants will be lead through every stage of the process. The big aim of this project is actually to build up the skill level and confidence of the participants, so we will be providing every group with a translator in all the host countries to enhance understanding.

upport is a big issue in a multinational event like this, but with over 15 years in organizing and implement events like this, we have the strategic plan, workforce, contacts in host cities, and above all diplomatic assistance with any resulting immigration issues.

All we require from Train Nigeria – Learn Nigeria participants is to go through the rules & regulations guiding the events and stay on lane with the events

  • After all this trainings then what?

We cannot control the level of a participant involvement in all the courses, but this training is strategically organize to improve the skills all participants and we organize follow ups upon return to Nigeria.