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Automobile Technology & Spare Parts Services
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Automobile Technology & Spare Parts Services

The modern Light Vehicle Automobile Technician is likely to be employed in a workshop that is closely associated with one major manufacturer of light vehicles. Their expertise may be greatest with that manufacturer’s vehicles; however, depending on the situation and range of services offered by the workshop, they may also handle other manufacturers’ vehicles. Automobile Technicians also work in garages and workshops that are not associated with particular manufacturers. Where this is the case they may experience a wider range of light vehicles and use alternative equipment, parts and materials.

The trained and competent Light Vehicle Automobile Technician will service and repair a range of light vehicles. For diagnosis, repair and replacement, depending on the nature of the workshop, they may use the manufacturers’ equipment, parts, materials and procedures. Therefore, according to a workshop’s relationship with manufacturers, the Technician’s experience may be deep or broad, or both. In every garage and workshop success is measured in time, correct fault finding and repair, and repeat business.

Most garages and workshops are small businesses or cost centres that work to tight financial parameters. The light automobile sector is volatile, being dependent on the wider economy and heavily affected by technological advances and environmental concerns. The highly skilled Automobile Technician keeps abreast of continuous changes in the sector, whether these are to do with performance, safety or green energy sources. They will deeply understand vehicles’ electrical and electronic systems and their integration; have physical stamina, coordination and kinaesthetic skills, and be versatile. They will be assigned the more complex diagnostic tasks, the most advanced vehicles, and those incorporating the latest technologies. This person may rapidly progress to more senior roles as trainer, supervisor, planner and/or manager.


All participants will be lead through every stage of the process. The big aim of this project is actually to build up the skill level and confidence of the participants, so we will be providing every group with a translator in all the host countries to enhance understanding.

Support is a big issue in a multinational event like this, but with over 15 years in organizing and implement events like this, we have the strategic plan, workforce, contacts in host cities, and above all diplomatic assistance with any resulting immigration issues.

All we require from Train Nigeria – Learn Nigeria participants is to go through the rules & regulations guiding the events and stay on lane with the events

  • After all this trainings then what?

We cannot control the level of a participant involvement in all the courses, but this training is strategically organize to improve the skills all participants and we organize follow ups upon return to Nigeria.

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