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Medical Equipment Technology and Technical Training (Health Sector)
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Medical Equipment Technology and Technical Training (Health Sector)

Maintenance of medical equipment has been changing rapidly in the past few years. It is changing more rapidly in developed countries, but changes are also occurring in developing countries. Some of the changes may permit improved maintenance on the higher technology equipment in developing countries, since they do not require onsite expertise. Technology has had an increasing impact on the development of medical equipment with the increased use of microprocessors and computers. With miniaturization from space technology and electronic chip design, powerful microprocessors and computers have been built into medical equipment. The improvement in manufacturing technology has increased the quality of parts and therefore the medical equipment. This has resulted in increased mean time between failures and reduced maintenance needs. This has made equipment more reliable in remote areas and developing countries. The built-in computers and advances in software design have brought about self-diagnostics in medical equipment. The technicians now have a strong tool to be used in maintenance. One problem in this area is getting access to the self-diagnostics. Some manufacturers will not readily provide this access to the owner of the equipment. Advances in telecommunications in conjunction with self-diagnostics make available remote diagnosis and repair. Since components can no longer be repaired, a remote repair technician can instruct an operator or an on-site repairman on board replacement. In case of software problems, the remote repair technician may perform the repairs over the telephone. It is possible for the equipment to be monitored remotely by modern without interfering with the operation of the equipment. These changes in technology require the training of biomedical engineering technicians (BMETs) to change. They must have training in computers and telecommunications. Some of this training can be done with telecommunications and computers.


All participants will be lead through every stage of the process. The big aim of this project is actually to build up the skill level and confidence of the participants, so we will be providing every group with a translator in all the host countries to enhance understanding.

Support is a big issue in a multinational event like this, but with over 15 years in organizing and implement events like this, we have the strategic plan, workforce, contacts in host cities, and above all diplomatic assistance with any resulting immigration issues.

All we require from Train Nigeria – Learn Nigeria participants is to go through the rules & regulations guiding the events and stay on lane with the events

  • After all this trainings then what?

We cannot control the level of a participant involvement in all the courses, but this training is strategically organize to improve the skills all participants and we organize follow ups upon return to Nigeria.

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