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Mobile Communication Technology
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Mobile Communication Technology

Mobile communication allows transmission of voice and multimedia data via a computer or a mobile device without having connected to any physical or fixed link. Mobile communication is evolving day by day and has become a must have for everyone. Mobile communication is the exchange of voice and data using a communication infrastructure at the same time regardless of any physical link.

Mobile communication technologies not only benefiting businesses to perform their operation faster and efficiently but also raising the standard of human lives. Mobile communication or mobile computing is just the two different names for the ability to use the mobile technology while on the move, most of the portable computers and computing equipment which are particular for the use in stationary place or configuration.

Ever since the population has been increasing, it urges the need for communication. Human beings are constantly busy to build up the easiest and the quickest way to communicate. Advancement in technology as the invention of telephone is one of such examples. Every coming generation is marked with one step ahead. Bigger telephones continuously passes through the modification process till the first mobile phone introduced. This journey of mobile communication technology started from late nineties with the 1st generation mobile technology has now reached till 3rd generation totally changes the canvas of communication mode. Third generation of the mobile phones virtually shrink distant places of the earth into a global village.

There are so many types of mobile computers, such as laptops, PDAs, PDA phones and other mobility devices were introduced in the mid of 1990s including wearable technology as well. And to use these types of mobility equipments we need to use right technology to make it more secure and reliable infrastructure. If we talk about the mobile communication technologies we can count on many mobile technologies available today such as 2G, 3G, 4G, WiMAX, Wibro, EDGE, GPRS and many others.

Mobile computing or mobile communication technologies based on different security standards and as well as the transmission protocol behind it. In this section we have discussed in detail about different mobile computing technologies and mobile communication systems. What makes mobile communication or mobile computing different from other wired and wireless technologies.


All participants will be lead through every stage of the process. The big aim of this project is actually to build up the skill level and confidence of the participants, so we will be providing every group with a translator in all the host countries to enhance understanding.

Support is a big issue in a multinational event like this, but with over 15 years in organizing and implement events like this, we have the strategic plan, workforce, contacts in host cities, and above all diplomatic assistance with any resulting immigration issues.

All we require from Train Nigeria – Learn Nigeria participants is to go through the rules & regulations guiding the events and stay on lane with the events

  • After all this trainings then what?

We cannot control the level of a participant involvement in all the courses, but this training is strategically organize to improve the skills all participants and we organize follow ups upon return to Nigeria.

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